Founded in Singapore in 2020. 8BAR ESPRESSO is a concept by Nightfall Roastery, a company that focuses on coffee roasting on a wholesale basis. The first concept stall was brought forth with “MorphineCoffee”, a small coffee kiosk that roasts on-site. Over time, the main company has build its repertoire to roast for names such as Les Amis, Cavemen, Hopscotch, etc. In 2023, its decided to expand its operations into a larger format stall – 8BAR ESPRESSO – which includes a wider menu from in-house artisanal breads, full dining menu and desserts.

The space at 8BAR ESPRESSO is designed to meet a traditional Chinese culture with an industrial outlook. A modernist touch to a cultural root reflects the ideology behind the operations, which is to bring in cultural food with a modernist flair in terms of preparation and technique.

You can’t make bad coffees good. Not so much on the quality of greens, to each their own, but more of the quality of the roast. We take our coffee selection, roasting and brewing seriously. Selected coffees at 8BAR ESPRESSO are only specialty graded, 80+ pointers and above. Roasting and brewing are our roots, and we intend to keep up with our standards that way.

In-house bakes and boulangerie, main meals and side dishes are all prepared from scratch. Ingredients selected are only premium and heavy attention to detail is paid to each menu item created. It is important to us that the food is as good as the coffee, to create that wholesome experience for diners. It is a constant pressure to keep up but it is our promise and reputation to deliver only the best standards to our consumers.